Venturing forward.

Ventures that help humanity persist in this universe.

We have a vision to scale adding value to the world to help humanity (the weird, strange, mysterious, and beautiful thing we are all a part of) continue forward.


Thinking outside the box as times continue to change faster than they ever have before

modern philosophies

Users 21 and under spend an average of 8 hours per day on devices. Thats half of their entire life looking at their mobile screen


Pooling resources into the digital shopping economy as it continues to expand

We are a venture studio.

Persistent Value,

Persistent Ventures.

We bring visions to life with a full suite of agencies to help our companies start and scale.​

We are on a mission to make the world a better place.

Our Portfolio

Fighting the opioid epidemic via the CBD Industry :
Helping People Fight Their Addictions :
Inspiring more people to play :
Using Web3 For Good :

Building Houses for the homeless

Supporting Projects to have charitable sides

Increasing the worlds attention span with long form media

Fighting Nihillism and building community around invigorating philosophies:

Shaping The World With Inspiring Philosophy :
Turning wantrepreneurs into entrepreneurs :
Helping people achieve their dreams of entering the creator economy :

We have brands ready for top tier talent to take ownership in, and take to the next level.

To Build A Business With Persist

We need visionaries who we can help fulfill their dreams.

Have an idea? Drop a line.

We partner with entrepreneurs and businesses to help scale and grow their ideas. With employees in every sector a business can need theres no better way to get a leg up.