Persist Ventures

is a business conglomerate with teams that fulfill business needs from A to Z.

Persist Ventures is a business conglomerate with teams that fulfill business needs from A to Z. The final component that Persist Ventures look for is great minds. People ventures partners with great entrepreneurs and helps create greater entrepreneurs.

Started in 2019 by Jack Jay Persist Ventures has built and helped multiple thriving companies. Persist Ventures is now home to a team of over 50 employees worldwide.

Here we are very mission driven and continue to push each other on this conquest of creating Utopia. We should never stop learning, and never stop improving. We should always be working to work smarter, and not harder to attain our grand goals.

At the end of the day, our seconds in our human form are currently limited (that might change see Here, Here, and Here). 

Most estimates actually place a SINGULARITY EVENT

If its hard for you to comprehend how this life could in fact be as “perfect as it can be”. This video gives a great perspective in thinking so. If you think you have all the disadvantages in the world and can’t imagine how this would help watch this….

I write this piece as a ‘we’ because it represents the shared values we’ve established. Of course, I am just one person who is writing this piece. My name is Jack and I founded Persist Ventures. Persist Ventures is established around this idea of persistence, not only in our personal lives towards our goals but towards humanity in the cosmos. Human life is the only thing we know of in the world who can experience the beauty and share it with another soul, for that to be gone would be the greatest tragedy any human could imagine. The top 2 powerful leaders understand this, they see the possible end of humanity coming and in response, Jeff Bezos is building Blue Origin, while Elon Musk builds SpaceX. They want to have a chance for humanity to flourish on another planet if we end up ruining this one. But I say FUCK THAT. This reminds me of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, where God sends a flood down to the Earth and tells one man to build an Ark to save just one couple of animal species. Elon and Jeff are building ARKS, but ARKS are elitist, and I believe we can stop the flood. This is the state of being that I choose to exist in, one of pure love.

You can’t save the world if you don’t try.

It’s a grand quest for conscious beings to continue to exist.

After all, we are the Last Humans Left.

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