Dedicated to the persistence & expansion of consciousness TIERS & BENEFITS

target-icon.png Influence Development

Access to Virus Ventures Offices
Training Courses
Meals & Internet Bills

cup-icon.png Infector

Unlock your First Paycheck 
Get Paid for your work 

football-icon.png Virus

Increased Salary
Unlock Hardware Loans
30% discount on everything

target-icon.png Super Virus

Increased Salary
40% discount on everything
2 Way Flight to USA Main office & week stay in Los Angeles, California.

cup-icon.png Timeline Shifter

Increased Salary
50% discount on everything
Permanent Residence in one of the Co-Living Home Offices
All expenses paid.

football-icon.png Virus

We want to recognize you as someone who has gone above and beyond their normal work duties.

Bring New value and critical thinking that helps a part of us grow or doing great work in your own job.

You’ve unlocked new perks:

Get paid for hour you didn’t do by working a full work week, go above and beyond that for extra rewards.
Hrs. WorkedBonusWage $2Wage $3Wage $4

NOTE: The requirement for the $100 and all the perks in 8 hours work daily.